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100 Startups to Watch 2023

Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios released the annual list that highlights the most promising businesses in Brazil's innovation ecosystem - the 100 Startups to Watch.

In its sixth edition, the initiative brings together startups with great potential to grow in the coming years, based on the degree of innovation, market potential, business and scalability, team and maturity of the solution.


  • Although fintechs fell from 1st to 3rd place from 2022 to 2023, the top 3 segments remained the same: technology, health and well-being and finance;

  • The ranking included new segments in this edition: energy, public management, legal and retail;

  • While the Logistics and Technology segments remained stable, Industry, Education and Impact were the segments that grew the most;

  • Technology was the leading segment of this edition - of the 19 startups in the sector, six had already been listed in previous versions: A4 Solutions, BossaBox, Company Hero, Fiscontech, klavi e QITECH;

  • 21% of startups had already been listed in the ranking and only 2 startups were listed in 3 consecutive years: Aterra and SoluBio.


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