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AgriTech Global VC Investment

Investments in agritechs peaked in 2021 globally, when the boom in concerns about food security and the impact of agriculture on the environment were drivers of investment rounds in startups that developed everything from biological fertilizers to vertical farms and plant-based meats. based, vegetable-based.

In 2022, the more challenging global economic scenario and the volatility of the private equity market, with successive increases in interest rates, reduced investments in agritechs.

Even so, important deals continued to be closed in the first quarter of 2023 around the world - in total, US$ 1.9 billion was invested, through venturecapital funds, in 172 agritechs around the world, such as fundraising of US$ 150M from eFishery, a startup of new technologies for aquaculture in Indonesia, and the raising of US$ 85M from Halter,  a startup of sensors and equipment for cows, based on artificialintelligence.

In Brazil, startups offering robotics, irrigation and financing solutions remain on the rise - the trend is for solutions aimed at optimizing production to continue gaining ground, as well as the use of new technologies to monitor crops.


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