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ESG - Number Of Rounds and Investment Volume In The Last 10 Years

In the last 10 years, the number of ESG startups has grown by more than 300% in Brazil, with a predominance of solutions in the environmental area, followed by social and corporate governance.

Although four of the five largest investment rounds were received by startups in the environmental area (série A and B from Carbonext and eureciclo), the social category is the one that raised the most resources, with US$ 1.1 billion (série A Ribon).

The theme's gain in popularity brought an increase in investor interest, which reached its historic peak in 2022, when many sectors were heavily impacted by economic dynamics and consequences of the pandemic.

Despite the considerable decline in investments during the first quarter of 2023, both in the number of rounds and in the amount of capital invested, this movement does not represent a decrease in interest in the topic, but rather an adjustment to the more difficult economic scenario.

Today, 76% of Brazilian companies include ESG practices in their business strategies. This proves that the theme is increasingly conquering the Brazilian market, in addition to having a lot of potential to be explored.


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