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Fintech Global Investments Insights

By the third quarter of 2023, global investments in fintech reached US$30.5 billion, distributed across 2,849 deals.

The United States leads in financial volume and number of deals in the third quarter of the year, followed by Asia and Europe.

Latin America occupies 4th place, with US$0.3 billion in volume and 31 deals - which represents growth of 22% compared to the previous quarter.

Some insights on global investments in fintech:

  • Digital lending leads in investment volume (US$1.7 billion), while the insurtech sector leads in number of deals (119);

  • The average and median size of global deals decreased in 2023 - Latin America is the only region that records growth in the average size of deals, increasing from 2 million to 2.3 million;

  • Mega-rounds: representing 33% of the total volume in the third quarter, there was an increase of 50% compared to the previous quarter, with a 17% increase in the number of deals;

  • Top 10 captures - United States leads in almost all stages:

Seed and Series A - 80% are US startups, Series B - 50%,

Series C - 30% United States, 30% Europe and 30% Asia; Late Stage - 40% United States;

  • As for the main CVCs, more than 60% are from the United States.


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