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Generative AI Unicorns

On the rise since the boom of OpenAI and its ChatGPT, Generative Artificial Intelligence has already produced 13 unicorns around the world - five of them in 2023, including Cohere and Runway, the two most recent in early May.

Startups in the segment are taking less time to reach a market value of US$1 billion or more. Among the 13 generative AI businesses that achieved status, the average time was 3.6 years, while the overall average is 7 - almost twice as long.

Of the 13, most became unicorns last year as the technology took off. OpenAI is one of the exceptions: it became a unicorn in 2019 and has seen its valuation grow 10 times since then and today leads the group with a valuation of US$29 billion

Next is the American Anthropic (US$ 4,4 billion, the Canadian Cohere (US$ 2 billion) and the French-American Hugging Face (US$ 2 billion).


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