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Insights WebSummit 2024

It's all about AI!

We participated in the Web Summit Rio this week, and the second edition of the event in Brazil was dominated by the Generative Artificial Intelligence agenda.

From the first day, AI stood out as the central theme of 80% of the lectures, reflecting its growing relevance in different sectors of society and the economy, and bringing to light important discussions about the regulation, application and impacts of this #technology.

Some insights into the discussions:

- Like every transformation process, AI still goes through adoption curves. Concerns range from existential issues to more practical ones, such as the use of data and the degree of protection;

- Limitations in dealing with complex human problems and the need for a holistic approach that harmonizes technology with humanistic considerations were seen as crucial for future AI applications, a topic addressed by Ana Zucato, CEO of Noh;

- In a world flooded with AI-generated content, authenticity and hyper-personalization become valuable differentiators;

- "Hallucinations", or errors generated by misinterpretations of data, are real concerns regarding the safety and applicability of the technology;

- The need to prepare society for the transformations induced by AI, information security and accountability in the use of these technologies are emerging themes.

But only AI?

Another highlight of the event was the notable presence of women in the technology scene, with 45% of startups participating in the websummitrio having female founders, the highest proportion at any Web Summit event. Furthermore, 47.5% of participants and 39% of speakers at the event were women.


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