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Investments Fundraising Crypto

Despite much discussion about crypto winter and bear market, the latest report from Dove Metrics (acquired by Messari) points out that the total amount invested in crypto fundraising in the first half of 2022 was greater than the entire year 2021.

- Remembering that 2021 was marked as a record year for investments in crypto and prices on a rising curve, a year considered a “bull market”;

- 2022 came as a year of profit-taking by public capital allocators, lower volatility and falling prices of crypto assets;

- And even in the current scenario, the main VC capital allocators have bet on crypto theses. This reinforces the fact that investors look beyond the short-term scenario and aim for the long-term return of a new technological infrastructure for the financial market;

- Among the four main crypto market niches, investment in Web3 theses stands out, which more than tripled in amount invested comparing the year 2021 with the first half of 2022;

- Positive point also for investments in NFTs, which reached almost US$7 billion invested in the first half of the year, being the category with the highest value in deals after CeFi;

- The large crypto hubs (CeFi or centralized finance) continue to account for the largest share of investments, but recent quarters have increased the diversification of capital allocators' portfolio of investees across market niches, which highlights the gain in maturity of solutions that do not depend on big players to exist or receive institutional investors in their cap tables.


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