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Most Popular AI Tools of 2023

Artificial intelligence had its breakout year in 2023, with large language models (LLMs) and text-to-image generators capturing the attention and imagination of enthusiasts and investors.

O ChatGPT, an OpenAI product that started the #artificialintelligence boom at the end of 2022, stood out as the most popular AI tool of 2023 - it dominated web clicks with more than 60% of visits, accumulating 14.6 billion of hits on your website.

Chatbot Character.AI, a collection of characters that users can chat with freely, took second place, followed by QuillBot, another writing tool. In addition to LLMs, Midjourney, a leading AI image generator, was the fourth most popular tool in 2023, followed by Hugging Face, an open source community featuring hundreds of unique templates, including LLMs, image generators and other freely accessible AI tools.


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