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Pix: A catalyst for the future of decentralized finance in brazil?

For Gustavo Castro, Managing Partner at DealMaker, Pix, combined with the principles of decentralized finance and programmable money concepts, could pave the way for a new era of financial innovation.

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Despite advances in financial inclusion, a significant portion of the Brazilian population remains unbanked, heavily relying on alternative financial products or services. Pix and its tremendous success with over 159 million users (as of December 2023) has revolutionized financial transactions.

But could Pix be more than just a quick and convenient way to send money? Could it serve as an innovation platform for a more decentralized and inclusive financial future for Brazilians, especially those who currently do not have access to the full range of traditional financial services?

Building on Pix’s Innovation Foundation: Open Finance for a New Era

Imagine leveraging Pix's robust infrastructure to create a next-generation financial ecosystem based on decentralized systems. This could empower Brazilians to actively manage their data and participate in a wider range of financial activities, potentially transforming the landscape of payments, loans, and investments.

Open APIs would be crucial, allowing seamless integration with innovative financial applications and services, aligning with the vision of a more open and inclusive financial system. Financial education initiatives would also be critical in equipping Brazilians with the necessary skills to navigate this new and potentially complex financial landscape.

Decentralization: A Paradigm Shift

Empowering Users with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI): Inspired by a growing global trend towards SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity), a Pix-based system could allow Brazilians to control their financial data through SSI wallets. This promotes privacy, security, and empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions, granting granular control over data access.

Beyond Traditional Systems: Pioneering research suggests alternative mechanisms for creditworthiness verification beyond asset-based traditional methods. A Pix-based system could explore these mechanisms, enabling a broader range of Brazilians to participate in financial activities, especially those currently with limited access to financial products despite being banked.

A Programmable Financial Landscape: The Future is Near

Pix as Rails for Programmable Money: Imagine a future where Pix facilitates the movement of not only fiat currency but also programmable money (digital assets) built on open protocols. This could unlock new functionalities like automated savings, self-executing investment strategies, and programmable loan contracts, potentially disrupting traditional financial institutions and lending structures.

Smart Contracts and Automating Financial Processes: Imagine a Pix-based system integrating seamlessly with smart contracts—automated agreements executed based on predefined conditions. This could streamline financial processes like automatic savings, loan payments, and/or collateral enforcement.

The Brazilian Opportunity: Financial Inclusion and Efficiency

Closing the Financial Inclusion Gap: With the foundation of Pix and the principles of Decentralized Finance, a more inclusive financial ecosystem can emerge. This could offer greater flexibility, convenience, and potentially lower fees, reaching the banked population with limited access to financial products, promoting broader financial inclusion—an essential aspect for Brazil's development.

A More Efficient Ecosystem: Programmable money and smart contracts have the potential to streamline financial processes, potentially reducing transaction costs and increasing efficiency across the financial landscape.

Challenges and the Path Forward

Overcoming the Digital Divide and Promoting Financial Education: Limited internet access in some regions and a potential lack of financial education remain obstacles. Public-private partnerships and innovative solutions are crucial to connect the unconnected and equip Brazilians with the skills necessary to navigate this new financial territory.

Regulation for Innovation: Establishing clear and coordinated regulatory frameworks for Open Finance and programmable money is essential to ensure consumer protection and stability in this evolving financial environment.

Collaboration for Success: Traditional financial institutions and innovative players have collaboration opportunities. By leveraging Pix's infrastructure and cutting-edge financial models, they can collaboratively create a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem for all Brazilians.

Looking Ahead: A Programmable Financial Future

The future of money in Brazil holds immense potential. Pix, combined with the principles of Decentralized Finance and programmable money concepts, could pave the way for a new era of financial innovation.


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