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Top 25 startup cities

With the aim of comparing global cities based on the size and maturity of their startup networks, PitchBook developed a development score, calculated based on the number of deals, exits, activity and fundraising potential, and ranked the top 100 regions of the world.

Analyzing the Top 25 cities, we bring you some highlights:

Leadership from the United States: North American cities dominate the top positions in the ranking and correspond to 48% of the total number of cities;

Emerging China: Beijing and Shanghai, the country's main cities, are among the top five. This indicates the rapid growth and development of the startup ecosystem in China, with a large volume of capital raised and deal activity;

Diversified Europe: London leads European representation in the ranking, followed by Berlin and Paris. This shows the diversity and presence of robust startup ecosystems across Europe, although they are not yet reaching the same level of activity as leaders in the US and China;

Latin America on the Rise: Although São Paulo is the only city in the region in the ranking, its presence indicates a growing interest and activity in the Latin American startup ecosystem.


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