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Top Edtechs 2024

Representação de um livro aberto na cor verde aplicado em um fundo preto. As informações contém número de 1 à 10 e logos das empresas rankeadas

EdTechs have played a crucial role in transforming the global educational landscape, in an era marked by the integration of technology across diverse sectors.

Driven by the ongoing digitalization of education and the growing adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the global EdTech market continues to expand exponentially.

 TIME magazine and Statista  published a ranking of the 250 best EdTechs in the world. The list is dominated by startups from the United States, which represent more than 35%. China comes in second place, with 10%, followed by the United Kingdom, with just over 6%.

Of the 250 startups, 8 are Brazilian, and 2 of them are among the TOP 10! Congratulations to the companies AfyaVitru EducaçãoDescomplicaÁrvoreGeekieImaginieVeduca Edtech and EADBOX or their recognition and performance.


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