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Venture Capital Highlights

The venture capital scenario in Brazil has been marked by challenges and adjustments in recent years. However, despite the market having gone through a period of reconfiguration between 2022 and 2023, the current outlook shows optimism.

In the third quarter of 2023, the volume of VC investments in Latin America increased by 22% compared to the second quarter of the year. In Brazil, the technology market is also resuming growth, with the last quarter being the best period of the year. The country reached US$597 million, which corresponds to more than 65% of investments in the region.

The FinTech sector was responsible for around 30% of investments in startups in Brazil, but the highlight goes to the AgriTech, MarTech and HrTech sectors, which significantly increased their share of the volume invested.

During the period, the main funding in the country were: Gympass, Creditas, Nomad, Mottu, Daki, TRACTIAN, A de Agro, Cobli, Rocket.Chat and Principia educação and tecnologia.


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