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What are the most promising startups of 2024 in Latin America?

Distrito, the largest innovation platform in Latin America, announced the 100 most promising startups of the year, considering criteria such as maturity level - considering total amounts already raised, assumed revenue, number of employees and their growth -  growth potential, macroeconomic factors, sectoral indicators and public qualitative data.

From this list, 20 startups are leading the race to reach a billion-dollar market value in 2024. Brazil is the leader in the region with 12 startups - TRACTIAN, Órigo Energia, Mottu, CRMBonus, STARK BANK, QITECH, Blip, Petlove, Solfácil, Buser Brasil, CERC e Omie - followed by Mexico with 3, while Argentina and Colombia have 2 each, and Chile contributes 1.

Of these aspirants, the oldest are the Brazilians PetLove and Blip, both founded in 1999 and the youngest is the Argentinian Pomelo, born in 2021. This shows that, especially after the tech crisis, the startups most favorable to acquiring the title of unicorn need time to achieve status.

The main sectors on this list are Fintech (7), Mobility (3), Foodtech, Energytech and Martech - both with 2 each.


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