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Brazil's Outliers 2024 by Endeavor

Imagem com quadrantes coloridos, divididos por segmentos de startups e com os logos das emrpesas selecionadas em cada segmento

Anually, Endeavor recognizes the best-performing and fastest-growing companies in its community: Endeavor Entrepreneurs Outliers 2024

Despite several adverse factors, such as a slowdown in venture capital affecting emerging markets, economic turbulence, challenging conditions and political instability in many regions, the ranking features 223 companies that are growing, solving systemic problems and positively impacting their countries.

Some interesting facts about the 2024 Outliers: 

- The companies in the ranking raised US$31 billion, generating more than 1 million jobs in 33 countries around the world;

- Almost 50% of companies are from seven main markets: Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, United Arab Emirates and Italy;

- More than 16% of companies are Brazilian - Endeavor Brasil. Are they: AliceAluraBrexCERCClearSaleCoraCreditasEBANXFlashGrupo TrigoHotmartHousiKoviLoftLogcomexMadeiraMadeiraMercado BitcoinMottuMovileNelogicaNeonNomadOlistPier SeguradoraQI TechPismoRD StationSEEDZSEMPRE AGTECHSolfácilSTARK BANKSwapunico IDtechVTEXWildlife Studioswill bankZENVIA


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