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Brazilian Cybertechs Radar

Brazilian Cybertechs Radar: with more than 40 thousand startups mapped in Latin America, the Distrito carried out a survey in partnership with Cisco e o Movimento CyberTech Brasil that have stood out in promoting innovative solutions to the digital security sector.

With more than 270 names, the study segments the main startups that are solving cybersecurity pain points across the entire chain into 11 segments: Access Management; Blockchain; Data Protection; Security Consulting & Services; Transaction Security; Governance, Risk & Compliance; Web Security; Infrastructure Security; Security Operations; Cloud Security and IOT. The 3 main segments of the study together represent 52% of the ecosystem.

During the pandemic, investors injected $11.5 billion in venture capital into emerging companies in the data protection, security and privacy industry. Furthermore, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the sector has increased significantly around the world. This data demonstrates that investors are recognizing the importance of cybersecurity and are willing to invest heavily in startups offering innovative solutions.

In Brazil, some players such as Payface, Clavis Segurança da Informação, unico IDtech, Privacy Tools and Nextcode, went through fundraising rounds in the last year.


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