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M&A Latam Characteristics

Accompanying the increase in the volume of investments and the number of deals, there was also a substantial growth in mergers and acquisitions activity in Latin America. The migration to digital, largely accelerated by the pandemic, led large corporations to acquire technology companies to assist in this process.

Unlike the drop in the volume of contributions that occurred in 2022, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the region remained quite representative. Now, with a stronger global financial adjustment scenario, the number of M&As appears to have been more affected, although it has not yet returned to 2019 levels.

Among the sectors, fintech, retailtech, martech, edtech and healthtech are the five most targeted for mergers and acquisitions. The leadership of the financial segment can be largely explained by the need for evolution of traditional players in the industry, who use this practice to modernize their business models.

Since 2019, startups were responsible for 51.9% of acquisitions made in the Latin American technology market, while traditional companies represented 41.2%.


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