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Playbook M&A & Corporate Development

In our work as mergers and acquisitions advisors, we have fully participated in the decision-making and execution process of dozens of transactions and have been able to monitor their results and consequences over more than 20 years.

Alongside entrepreneurs, executives, investors, shareholders and advisors, we form conviction on how to plan, prepare and execute M&A transactions and how the practice of Corporate Development can generate impact for the growth and appreciation of companies.

Based on the alignment and complementarity between the visions of Astella and DealMaker, we jointly developed this Playbook on M&A and Corporate Development with the aim of clarifying and guiding companies in the post-seed stage up to series B on what we believe are good practices when considering, preparing and execute a transaction.

When we see that a very relevant part of the return of founders and investors comes from strategic exits (M&A), it is surprising that most of the time this topic only begins to be discussed on the eve of a transaction, while our empirical assessment indicates that a well-prepared done can have a major impact on the success of transactions.

This document is not intended to exhaust the topic, but above all to contribute so that the challenges associated with M&A and Corporate Development can be better understood and discussed!

Playbook M&A & Corporate Development
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