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Most innovative companies in Latin America

What are the most innovative companies of the year in Latin America?

In 2024, Latin American companies continue to develop solutions to the region's specific challenges while creating impactful tools that resonate around the world.

Fast Company, a leading global publication on news about the future of business, innovation, technology and leadership, selected the 10 most innovative companies of the year in Latin America.

Of the companies, 30% are in the healthcare segment - a priority topic given the lack of resources in healthcare systems. Check out the companies below:

1. Nubank - for transforming banking security into a coveted set of features;

2. Alice - for giving birth to a better way to ensure healthy pregnancies;

3. Unico IDtech - for giving an identity to digital credit card transactions to boost sales and eliminate fraud;

4. OXXO - for bringing digital convenience to the convenience store;

5. LATAM Airlines - for connecting Latin America to American hubs;

6. Farmacias Similares - for making its pharmacies more accessible — and fun;

7. Examedi (YC S21) - for accelerating access to healthcare in Chile;

8. Laborit - for transforming Brazilian industry with software;

9. Solfácil - for boosting solar energy throughout Brazil;

10. Habi - for simplifying the purchase and sale of homes.



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