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LATAM Edtech Market Profile

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Education startups have played a vital role in transforming the global educational landscape in an era dominated by the insertion of technology in the most diverse sectors.

Today, with almost 900 startups mapped in Latin America, Brazil stands out as the region's leader, with around 70% of total startups. Chile occupies second place, followed by Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

Over the last 10 years, the segment has experienced a wave of investments totaling approximately US$600 million in 316 rounds, highlighting the growing confidence in the long-term potential of solutions in the sector.

Unlike the technology market in general, the sector has distinct characteristics in terms of business model and target audience, reflecting the specific needs and dynamics of the education market.

The EdTechs direct their solutions mainly to directly serve the end consumer, reflecting a focus on offering products and services directly to students. In terms of business model, startups are more focused on managing schools and teaching tools.

When analyzing the ecosystem, it is possible to identify three main categories that cover a wide range of services and products: teaching platforms, study and educational management tools, and focus on teaching.

EdTechs are well positioned in the region to not only grow, but also to have a profound impact on society, promoting more accessible, personalized education that is aligned with current requirements.

In Brazil, 10 edtechs are gaining national and international prominence and recognition in 2024: AfyaVitru EducaçãoAluraDescomplicaÁrvoreImaginieVeduca EdtechEdusenseDescola e Ludos Pro.


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